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The solution to hear again

We have hearing aids at your disposal. In Audiòfon Balear Centers you can find all the specialists to guide you with an individualized attention at your hearing needs. In Audiòfon Balear we evaluate the hearing function and we offer the rehabilitation of pacients with hearing impairment.

We know the difficulties and problems that this system can cause. Most of the times are due to the wrong adjustment of the hearing aids or due to the anatomic mould.

As late is the prognosis, the worst. The ear, the same as the visual impariment, needs the organ stimulation. The hearing aids give the hearing stimulus and improve the quality of life through the phone communication, listen to music or to understand tv.




Audiología infantil


Audiòfon Balear’s specialists have an experience of more than 30 years in children’s adaptations. We advise and guide parents with children with any hearing impairment troughout all the educational process.

We advise and follow the osseointegrated implant. In Audiòfon Balear we carry out the verifications and we evaluate the hearing intelligibility in osseointegrated implant or cochlear implant.

Remember that parents have the option to choose the more specialized center and the one that gives you more confidence.




Many people don’t know if they have any hearing loss that can affect their professional and social life. This is the main reason to know about it and to find the best solution about your hearing capacity. In Audiòfon Balear you can check through  audiologist studies which kind of alteration you have and the most suitable and professional solution to it.

If you would like, in all our centers you can have a hearing test.

If the doctor advise you to use hearing aids come to our centers and we guide you about the tecnhical aid that can improve your hearing. Feel free to contact us for any query, consultation or need.

Audiología adultos